The Historic Index of the Holy Ka'bah

What is Meant by the Historic Index?

The historic index of any place, or city or area resembles the biography of a human being. It represents a concise account of all the events and the changes through which a place or city or man has passed from birth to the time of its recording.

The historic index is not, in fact, a detailed account of incidents and historic conditions or a scientific document that may be referred to in academic studies. But this does not mean that the information in this historic index is approximate, it is correct, very accurate, useful and free from elaboration and verbosity.

Readers in every age and place have various moods, especially, nowadays. Some cannot spare the time and tend towards brevity, some prefer verbosity and details. Others may fall in line with a view or a picture and may understand its meaning more concisely.

This chapter of the book satisfies the needs of the majority of readers with their various tastes in reading. The index mentions every bit of information about the Holy Ka'bah. Some readers will want detailed information about some parts of the history of the Holy Kabah and its annexes which arc brielly discussed inn this historic index. The most important aspect is the Structural part which ends with the comprehensive renovation of the Holy Ka'bah by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz.

The Holy Ka'bah at dawn

The Holy Ka'bah at dawn

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