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  Builders of the Holy Ka'bah   Those were the builders of the Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah)through history. The main aim and objective of writing this record is to shed light on the architectural setup in the history of the Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah). As previously mentioned, some of the views are presumptive. Our statement is confined to the concise summing up of the history of the construction of the Holy Ka'bah which is historically and lawfully valid... (more)  
  kabah Stages of the Manufacture of the Kiswah   First is the dyeing stage, where raw silk in skeins of thread are imported and dyed according to the required colours. Black is the colour of the exterior covering of the Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah), and green is the colour of the interior kiswah. Dark red is the colour of the belt of the Prophet's Holy Room. All work is done according to the most advanced dyeing techniques... (more)  
  Names of the Holy Kabah   It has been called the Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah) because of its cube shape. This name has been given to it on account of its elevation and projection. It is also called the Ancient House, Al-Bait Al-Haram and Al-Bannia. We swear by the Lord of this Bannia to verify that so and so is genuine...(more)  
  the Construction Kabah   The general shape of the Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah), constructed by Abraham (peace be upon him), was rectangular and nine cubits high. The eastern side was thirty-two cubits long, thirty-one cubits to the west, twenty cubits to the south and twenty-two cubits to the north. He set two openings for two doors adjacent to the floor, and a pit was dug to be used as a coffer... (more)  
  Builders Kabah   At the Shami Corner, on the right side of the Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah), there is the staircase leading to the roof. It is a rectangular, closed, and windowless room. Its northern and eastern sides are part of the original wall of the Holy Ka'bah, and the stairs are concealed inside the room. It has a door with a special lock and is covered with a beautiful silk curtain inscribed and decorated with gold and silver.... (more)  
  Index Annexes Kabah and its Other Aspects   The Holy Ka'bah (Kaabah, kabah) has four corners in the following order from the starting point of circumambulation: the Black Stone. the Iraqi corner, the Shami corner (sometimes called AI-Maghrabi corner), then the Yemeni corner. The word rukn means the corner of the Black Stone, and the two corners mean the Black Stone and the Yemeni corners... (more)  
  Construction of the Holy Kabah by Quraish   During the era of the Quraish, the Holy Ka'bah was built with rows of stones, and its door was on the ground. There was no ceiling, and the kiswah hung down on the exterior of the wall and was tied from the top of the interior walls of the Holy Ka'bah. Inside it, there was a pit where donations were stored... (more)  
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