This web site is not belong to any country or government. It is not funded by any organization or donation. It made solely from personal fund. Here is why I made this web site.

When I was a little boy all of my classmate were Buddhist. They use to asked me “Why you are Muslim? You are in Thailand, you would rather be Buddhist.” And “Why Muslim worship Black stone?”. I had no answer for them. My classmate probably confused Ka’bah to Black stone. I known Ka’Bah. I’ve heard of the Black Stone. But I didn’t know if people worship them or not. My knowledge about Islamic was very limited at that time.

It was almost thirty years ago. But even today, I still have very little knowledge in Islam and Ka'bah. Fortunately, I found some excellence books and know some learned whom I can consult. When I turned to Internet and searched for Ka’bah. I’ve found may sites with comprehensive Ka’bah information. But I can’t find the web site which dedicated to Ka’bah information exclusively.

Therefore, I decided to create this web site. The web site that compiles Ka’bah information from every where. The web site that help the researcher to find in-deep information of the Holy Ka’bah, all in one place. The web site that readers can share their opinion and information about Ka’bah.

Most of information in this web site is derived from an excellence book “The Holy Ka’bah and The Two Holy Mosques Construction and History” written in Arabic by Obaid Allah Muhammad Amin Kardi Translated by Dr. Obeid Mohamad Ahmad Kheiri, publish by Al Turath, The Saudi Bin Ladin Group. And also from many other very good books as listed in the Bibliography.

If you found any good or useful information in this web site, all good is belong to those who produced the original source. If you found any mistake in this web site, all mistake is belong to me. I hope you will notify me for any error. So I can correct it right away.

May peace be with you,
Kabahinfo’s Webmaster

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