"So wherever You turn,there is the Face of Allah" (2: 115)

Allah speaks the Truth.
The Holy Ka'bah at night

I went into the Holy Ka' bah twice towards the end of the seventies, fourteenth century of Hijrah I was young at that time. Before entering, I imagined that inside the Holy Ka' bah there existed some formalities that equal its glory and greatness in hearts. This idea was soon altered, and a strong feeling crept into every pan of my body as if it were emanating from within the soul. I perceived the meaning of Allahu Akbar, and the Qur'anic verse:

" so wherever you turn, there is the Face of Allah"

The Holy Ka'bah is the centre of the world and the springboard to all directions. It is also the centre of coming and going for the entire universe. Inside the Holy Kabah, I assimilated the same Qur'anic verse: This means that you feel face to face with Allah and dependent on Him, your target, your airn. I was in a wide hall free from decorations; it was the simplicity symbolized in the form of pure clarity of Tawhid and the complete denial of shirk (polytheism). Here appear the glory and dignity of the Sacred House where the meanings of the unity of agreement, the unity of aims, the unity of hopes and the unity of reward are evident. When I had visited temples, churches. muscums and ruins, I disdained the falseness existing in the prayer inches and statues everywhere, these reflect disunity not union.

I stood to perform two 'raka's' in the same place where the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon hour) performed his prayers. I felt that I had risen to a high place I never thought possible to reach. I performed prayer in the place where the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) performed prayer after Quraish drove him away from Makkah and he returned to it with the Grace and Support of Allah. the Almighty, after founding the State of Islam al AI-Madinah AIMunawwarah. under the patronage of tile Holy Qur'an and the Prophet's Sunnah.

He returned in the eighth year of Hijrah. not to announce in pride the victory over and the defeat of his enemics. but to perform prayer in the most sacred place in the world. He addressed all the enemies who had stood in his way: "Disperse, you are now free. Today is the day of mercy, today sanctity is preserved and today Allah dearly values Quraish." It was a chain of an historic incident which the memory surveyed from the construction of the Holy Ka' bah by Abraham (peace he upon hint). and incidents that accompanied the Quraishi construction and what happened when they quarrelled over the issue of restoring the Black Stone to its place, when the Prophet whom they respected had that honour. Bilal stood to call loudly

"There is no god but Allah- Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."

He also announced the destruction of the idols, the purging of the Sacred House. the annexes of Zamzam and Abham's Station, the Hijir and the Waterspout. the Kiswah and the Belt and what followed In honour, virture, devotion and attention.

The Holy Ka'bah long shot
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