The Glory of the Holy Ka'bah

The glories of the Sacred House are uncountable because they are infinite. Among these, the following are mentioned:

  • It is the first place of worship for people on earth, and the Qibla towards which people turn their faces in prayers. It is also the first house built by the Angels, Adam and Abraham (peace be upon them). It is further the first house on earth circumambulated after the Deluge.
  • The Sacred House of Allah is the assembly and the return of all people. They frequently visit it for Hajj or Umrah or for securing a reward or repenting or repeating Hajj and Umrah. Moreover, other glories may include a retreat to it for worship and residence in the vicinity of its sacred building. It may also help people to improve or reform their secular or religious affairs. Thus, they eagerly return to it for all the afore-mentioned glories combined and also because it is the assembly and the return of all people for all the time.
  • One of its glories is that whosoever attends it will get a reward or a benefit or secure a place in Paradise. If anybody visits it with the sole aim of prayers, he will definitely have all his sins erased as if he were a newly-born child. If anyone intends to visit it devotedly, and dies on his way to it, he will be given a place in Paradise without being questioned.
  • The glorification of the Sacred House by the Islamic nations is the reason for the continuous benevolence that has been bestowed upon them. The absence of their glorification of the Holy Ka'bah will lead to their total destruction.
  • Circumambulating the Sacred House seven times is equivalent to manumission of a slave. The circumambulators are the object of Allah's pleasure which He speaks about to His Angels. Repeated circumambulation is, therefore, a means of remission of sins to the extent that one who repeats circumambulation is remitted of his sins as if he were a newly-born child. Circumambulators should then adhere to uttering words of praise, supplication and acclamation.
  • Those who circumambulate the Holy Ka'bah in difficult climatic conditions such as rainfall or extreme heat of the sun will be befittingly rewarded. This incentive is offered so that the Holy Ka'bah may be circumambulated all the year round.
  • Allah, the Almighty, satisfied Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) by specifying the direction of the Qibla to him. Allah, the Supreme, says: "We see the turning of your face (for guidance), to the heavens: now shall we turn you to a Qibla that shall please you. Turn then your face in the direction of the Sacred Mosque: wherever you are, turn your faces in that direction. The people of the book know well that that is the truth from their Lord, nor is Allah unmindful of what they do." ( 2:144)
  • Finally, Allah appointed the Ka'bah, the Sacred House, as an establishment for men, that is, the centre of their material and tangible system as well as their spiritual one from which they emerge and to which they return. It is the outstanding landmark that unifies their objectives, destinies and life affairs, from which radiates the light of monotheism which Muslims transmit to all parts of the world

The Holy Kabah wide view at night

The Holy Ka'bah and Al-Masjid Al-Haram in the night

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